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Requirements for Managing Camps


OSU takes the safety of the campers seriously and requires training for anyone working with minors. Training completion is required annually. The training focuses on appropriate interactions with minors and protecting minors from abusive emotional and physical treatment and the required reporting of incidents of improper conduct. The department is responsible for assuring that the required training is completed by all camp staff. Be sure to make this policy information available to all camp organizers from your area.



Training Requirements per Policy 1-0135: Minors Participating in OSU-Related Activities and Programs


Individuals, whether affiliated with OSU or not, who will be working with minors on university property and in facilities or under the authority and direction of the university at other locations, including branch campuses, must complete the Minors Participating in OSU-Related Activities and Programs before working with minors. Individuals must view the training each year per OSU policy.


OSU's “Minors on Campus” training provides information on the minimum requirements. Each department and camp program is responsible for ensuring that all camp personnel meet the requirements for sponsoring a camp including training completion. Each program may choose to develop further requirements.


Full-time Faculty and Staff:

  1. Log in to using your O-key account credentials (Firefox or Google Chrome are the best browsers to use with the site)

  2. Type "minors" into the search bar at the top of the page

  3. The “Minors On Campus-Online Course” should appear

  4. "Request" the training

  5. The training will load to your Active transcript page with a "Launch" option

  6. Click the Launch option to start the training

  7. The training will remain "In Progress" until you watch the entire presentation and the confirmation page loads. 

  8. Departments may require you to confirm your completion of this training by signing a document or answering a questionnaire. 


Part-time Faculty, Staff, Students and Non-OSU Individuals

Click on the training page for the Minors on Campus and Title IX training videos. Departments may require you to confirm your completion of this training by signing a document or answering a questionnaire. 


Title VII and Title IX 


It is the policy of Oklahoma State University that unlawful gender discrimination in any form, including sexual harassment of faculty and staff, or other forms of gender discrimination as referenced by Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (Title VII), and Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 (Title IX) is prohibited. Title VII and Title IX training is required training annually for OSU faculty, full and part-time staff, student employees, and OSU students. All OSU Employees have been designated as a responsible employees and as a result are expected to take mandatory annual Title IX training 



OSU Parking and Transportation Services


Precision Van Driving is required if campers are transported to and from camp locations. Vans are reserved through OSU transportation. If transporting campers/minors or OSU students, the van driver must be trained through the OSU precision driving course in order to obtain the specialized license designation. It is a 4-hour training with driving instruction. OSU Transportation services offers the course once a month. The cost is $150 per person. For more information please contact Transportation Services and Motor Pool 405-744-7945. OSU does not recommend using your personal vehicle. 


OSU Parking and Transportation Services

1006 W. Hall of Fame Stillwater, OK 74078405.744.6525Fax: 405.744.0434parking@okstate.edu


parent permission form is needed to allow camp organizers to transport their child. Request a specific consent transportation form by contacting both OSU’s Risk and Property Management office and Legal Counsel. Send camp specific information: title and purpose of the camp, the daily schedules, dates and times when campers will be transported and to where, the number of campers, and the camp director’s contact information. The two offices work together to create the specific waiver for each camp. 



OSU Risk and Property management

618 N. Monroe Stillwater, OK 74078-1022405.744.7337Fax: 405.744.7888


OSU Legal, Counsel, Board of Regents

Brandee Hancock, Deputy General Counsel/Interim Chief Legal Officer 5th floor – Student Union405.744.6494Fax: 405.744.7998

 FERPA training is not necessary because the youth/minors are not OSU students.


Record Keeping


The sponsoring unit shall maintain records listed below and have in place, enforce, and make available policies that address the following areas, if they are applicable to the program:


  1. Transportation--including the transportation of Minors at the beginning and end of the program, to and from the program, and within the program, whether by parents, guardians, staff or others. University programs must also comply with OSU policies regarding drivers and vehicles.
  2. Appropriate levels of access to and supervision of Minors.
  3. Appropriate forms including permission forms, medical contact information and liability waivers. Forms should be safeguarded and readily available.
  4. First aid and medical treatment as well as dispensing of medication. Program personnel must have appropriate training.
  5. Plans for severe weather.


Programs including overnight stays or use of university residences by Minors shall have the following additional policies in place:


  1. Curfews.
  2. Suitable code of conduct for participants.
  3. Prohibition of alcohol, tobacco, and illegal drugs.
  4. Adequate residential supervision by responsible adults.


Contractual agreements with third parties concerning personnel or facilities related to programs including Minors must include compliance with this policy as a term of the contract. When appropriate, such contracts shall also include an indemnification provision in which OSU is held harmless for the acts or omissions of other program participants or third party employees or agents. Independent contractors must have insurance. Contact OSU Risk Management for required contract language (405.744.7337).


Record Keeping Requirements



Sponsoring units offering or approving a program which involves Minors or provides University housing for Minors participating in a program, units responsible for university facilities that are used by programs including Minors, or a non-university group using OSU facilities or housing shall maintain the following records: 


  1. Individual Participant Records

Maintain liability waivers, medical permissions and treatment, photo and video waivers, and conduct form. A parent/guardian signature is required on these forms. These forms are built into the registration system at, and parent/guardian agreement captured If you have a separate website for registration, you can upload the required PDF forms from this site.


  1. Programmatic records.

Maintain a current list of all programs that involve minors along with the dates, times, locations, age range and number of participants, and program contact so that in the event of an emergency, consideration may be given to the possible presence of Minors, and the appropriate course of action to address their health and safety.


  1. Training Records.

Each program and sponsoring unit is responsible for making sure that all camp staff and volunteers have attended the required training via documentation. 


General Camp Questions?


Josh Goodwin or Brenda Dawes

Office of OSU Outreach, Institute for Teaching & Learning Excellence405.744.6808 or 405.744.1000 or 
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